Nazy and Bonn

Nazy and Bonn

all products used  by the weirdsistas are vegan and not tested on animals... 

all products used  by the weirdsistas are vegan and not tested on animals... 


We Create Amazing Dreadlocks.

Absolutely No Loss Of Length

At the Weirdsistas, we are passionate about design and your feelings when you enter our space.

We believe each dreadlock design  is an extension of yourself,  an  individual art piece, that not only represents your unique style and  personality but should  help you to describe yourself to the world. Our Dreads are created, using only natural processes and products. . With  Studios all over Australia,  we offer the best dreads for your head. You can ask for individual lokkticians,  such as Ariel, who is our head technician at Weirdsistas Melbourne,  or ask for one of the directors Nazy and Bon

At the Weirdsistas, you will be treated to the very best in natural dread products from  Lock Stock & Apparel  these products have been designed with love to complement the organic fibre; hair.


No Wax. No Glues. No Chemicals.

Just Awesome Dreads

Weirdsistas  do not use wax, glues or chemicals, we do not backcomb, and we do not break your hair, instead we work with the Sista System to slightly and gently raise the PH in your follicle, creating a basic environment,  the perfect levels for natural hooks to form.  Weirdsistas using this method, weave together a perfect dreadlock, sizes can vary from 'micro size' (as thin as a matchstick) or up to more traditional dreadlock sizes (anywhere from a five to ten cent piece).

Our unique process and over 15 years in the business,  gives us the edge required to call ourselves professional 'lokkticians'.   Ariel, who  is our manager in Melbourne and has over  8 years experience with dreads,  can make sure you are well looked after.  We have dreadlock designers all over Australia, trained in the Sista System.  These lokkticians can work with you to design dreads, maintain dreads, or create a dread art piece,  for your special day.  Just let us know your location and  we will contact the nearest Sista to you for an appointment.

 We also have dreadlock doctors and surgeons,  who that can rid you of wax, help repair broken dreadlocks,  burn dreadlocks, and help you on your new journey of wax and chemical free dreads, amazing dreads.  We also have a huge selection of dreadlocks products for sale in both  our studios and online. The Weirdsistas have created an entire system for you and your dreadlocks so you never have to go anywhere else, ever again.

Hair and style - Kate and Mirsad In addition to this we also have the most fabulous hair artists, who can colour your dreads, or hair, create amazing designs with hair tattoos and introduce you too a new you

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Now…The Weirdsistas have arrived!